Meet Veronica Haupt, Co-Founder EnoughZA

Veronica Haupt is a psychotherapist, trauma healer and alternative health practitioner. She left the corporate world after a series of synchronistic events led her to retraining as a psychotherapist in 2015. 

Her corporate career, predominantly in the IT industry, included sales, sales and channel management, and consulting. She’s also run several of her own businesses, her first one being at the age of 20 – a corporate gift company that she ran successfully for 6 years before selling it. 

The combination of her business and corporate background and training as a healer, perfectly positions her for the roles of ‘space-holder’ for EnoughZA, and to take the concept of companies outsourcing their ESG (Environmental and Social Corporate Governance) commitments to grassroots movements in South Africa, to corporates.

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