Join Seeds, the Conscious Currency

Get Seeds, the Conscious Currency, here

We’re proud to be partnering with Seeds, a conscious currency that aligns money with value. We have researched dozens, if not hundreds of crypto projects over the past 10 years. The Seeds community is the one most aligned with our values of people, planet and prosperity for all South Africans.

Here’s where you can get an invite and open a Seeds “wallet” so that you can exchange Seeds with other imaginal humans. (A “wallet” is just another name for an account. It’s just like opening a bank account, only much easier! You’ll be installing a small app on your phone.)

Follow the instructions below to immediately get access to Seeds. (You can join directly on their website, but you’ll have to wait for an invite code.)

We’ll be delighted to welcome you as an imaginal human by sending you your first Seeds to get you started. In other words, you’ll be paid to open your Seeds wallet. Which bank does that?!

Why are we excited about Seeds?

Seeds is so much more than yet another cryptocurrency. Seeds includes tools and platforms to coordinate human activity at scale (Some call this a DAO, or Decentralised Autonomous Organisation). We believe that Seeds has the potential to become the basis for a new form of governance in South Africa. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Here are two videos that will inspire you about what’s possible… (with a little determination by the people of South Africa).

Village Governance

How City Mayors Can Use Seeds to Transform their City