The Deepest &
Most Powerful
Invitation You Will
Ever Read

August 1st, 2021

Dear Person of Influence who gives a damn about South Africa,

What do you ache for?

What do you most deeply yearn for when you think about your children and grandchildren?

Now… what is stopping you from getting what your heart longs for?

For us, it’s fear.

We have deeply explored what it takes to address South Africa’s many challenges. We have asked ourselves, “What legacy do we wish to leave?” We have pondered the question our children will ask of us on our deathbed, “What did you do for your country?”

Our response is fear, uncertainty and doubt. There is so much wrong with this once fine country. When we consider what needs to be done, we become paralysed by fear.

And yet we learned a valuable lesson during our exploration of large scale change. We learned that something powerful happens when you expose yourself to your deepest fear. We learned that after facing fear, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.

Today we’re asking you for action.

We know that the action we are asking of you will expose you to your deepest fears. But we want you to know that you’re not alone. And whatever you choose today will not be made public.

We’re asking you to grow up.

Actually, we’re making the case that South Africa, as a nation, is ready to grow up. We are ready to shift our entire nation from social systems designed for scarcity and competition to systems of collaboration and abundance.

What we’re asking for may not immediately make sense, but it is evolutionarily coherent. What we are attempting can be compared to a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. The process only happens when the cells which carry the DNA of the butterfly come together — against all odds — amidst the chaos of the breakdown of the caterpillar.

And so we’re asking you, as a leader in society, to commit to South Africa’s evolutionary transformation. Transformation that goes way beyond political change. Transformation not seen since the European Renaissance. And South Africa will show the world the way.

What does your commitment mean?

Initially, nothing.

In the caterpillar world, what happens inside the chrysalis remains invisible to the outside. And yet within the chrysalis, profound transformation occurs. We’re forming a chrysalis: a safe space to explore societal-level transformation, rapidly.

Our invitation is being distributed widely to People of Influence like you. We’re asking for your conditional support to ‘enter the chrysalis’ and explore what a deep, rapid transformation of South Africa could look like. You show your support by leaving your name and email below. But don’t worry about your support being made public. Nothing happens until 3 key criteria are met.

3 Key Criteria

  1. 1,000 People of Influence conditionally accept the #EnoughZA invitation OR we can reach 10m citizens through the People of Influence who do accept;
  2. After a presentation and debate about the strategy there must be no unresolved objections to moving ahead;
  3. An announcement must be made before or shortly after the conclusion of COP26 on 12 November confirming a significant financial commitment from all countries to address the SDGs.

As soon as we have 1,000 conditional commitments, we’ll arrange a presentation to explain the strategy in more detail. For a week after the presentation there’ll be a process where objections to what’s proposed can be raised. If, and only if, there are no major objections, will we go ahead.

To summarise: Nothing happens if the three key criteria above are not met.

That means that if you feel South Africa is ready to lead the world in transformation, there’s no risk for you to conditionally commit.

Please take a few minutes to read our very high level strategy. You might also want to look into Why Participate?

Then come back and tell us you’re in.

Or not.

We are committed to working with you and People of Influence like you to transform South Africa. We believe this can be best achieved by transcending current social systems. Let’s work together to build South Africa’s status as the world’s biggest champion of societal maturity. We have the chutzpah and the can-do attitude that few other countries have. What we don’t have is an abundance of time. It’s what we do with that time that matters.

We appreciate the opportunity to share our views. We welcome the opportunity to provide further input once we have 1,000 People of Influence committed to exploring a transformation journey.

May God grant that you might find the courage to push through your fears, embrace your destiny, and choose to truly live. 

Concerned South African Citizens

PS. If you’d like to be a part of radical, nonviolent, protest-free change in South Africa, all that’s required to get the ball rolling is for you to tap one of the buttons below.

Confidential Conditional Commitment

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Civil Society in South Africa

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Václav Havel, Czech statesman, writer and former dissident (1936-2011)

“A genuine, profound and lasting change for the better can no longer result from the victory of any particular traditional political conception, which can ultimately be only external, that is, a structural or systemic conception.

More than ever before, such a change will have to derive from human existence, from the fundamental reconstitution of the position of people in the world, their relationships to each other, and to the universe.

If a better economic and political model is to be created, then perhaps it must derive from profound existential and moral changes in society. This is not something that can be designed and introduced like a new car. If it is to be more than just a new variation on the old degeneration, it must above all be an expression of life in the process of transforming itself.

A better system will not automatically ensure a better life. In fact the opposite is true: only by creating a better life can a better system be developed.”

— Václav Havel (1936-2011), The Power of the Powerless