Event 901

What Happens if the South African Government Resigns?

South Africa today is “between worlds.”

We can choose to make a great leap forward as we emerge from the COVID-19 global pandemic. We can commit to “build back wiser” and co-create a country that systemically addresses the enormous challenges that ours and every country in the world faces. Or we can settle for business-as-usual.

In short, how can we transform this nation’s crisis into possibility?

Here for the first time?

Watch a 24 minute summary of why we’re calling for Event 901:

The questions we’re pondering:

  • Can we as South Africans unite to govern ourselves, our aspirations, and our relations in a post-COVID liberated movement, unlike anything we’ve ever seen or could imagine?
  • Can our nation set a global example in new forms of governance?
  • Can South Africa lead the way for the African continent to rise from the ashes of colonial destruction?

These are the big questions Event 901 ponders. There may not be easy answers, but asking these questions shifts our focus.

Evolutionary biology, science, spirituality, cosmology, and Indigenous Prophecies affirm that the birth of a Golden Age of peace and “prosocial behavior” has arrived.

But what does that mean in practice? It’s the question many around the world are pondering. This question invites a disruptive narrative for our time.

What is Event 901?

Event 901 is a high-level gathering of civic leaders from many disciplines across South Africa. We’re coming together to simulate what might happen if we had new forms of governance, including an entirely new constitution, statutory laws and monetary system.

This event takes inspiration from:

The first of these events had a negative impact; the second is having a positive impact. Our intentions are for a positive impact.

Inaugural Webinar Sat, Sep 11, 2021

On Saturday, September 11th we hosted an online Q&A session on Event 901. Here is the recording:

Event 901 QUestions & Answers

When will Event 901 take place?

The main Event 901 will be announced before the end of 2021. It will likely take place in late 2022.