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Our Constitution of Abundance

SA’s 1996 Constitution, like the 3 previous constitutions, is designed for a class-based society.

The predictable result is a feudal system, where there is a distinction between owners and workers. This system always results in what many refer to as ‘the 1%.’ That’s because the system is designed for competition. As with any competition, there are always winners and losers.

Class systems are found in all modern developed states characterized by mass production, high levels of technology, and a complex division of labor (for example farmers, factory workers, teachers, artisans, priests, monarchs, bankers, and merchants).

When the foundations of the supreme law of the land are based on a class system, it’s unlikely that any fundamental changes can occur.

Stated another way, South Africa’s challenges cannot be addressed by changing the Constitution. An entirely new Constitution — grounded in abundance — must transcend the current Constitution.

“The prevailing world depression, the enormous anomaly of unemployment in a world full of wants, the disastrous mistakes we have made, blind us to what is going on under the surface – to the true interpretation of the trend of things.”
— John Maynard Keynes, 1930
“Moral courage is to venture into the unknown, risk failure, say no to current demands, and commit to a course of action that we can only hypothesise will yield the desired outcome.”
— Marshall Ganz

The #EnoughZA Constitution is grounded in abundance and collaboration

Unlike a Constitution written for a class-based society, our focus is on all South Africans thriving. Our Constitution inspires a generative vision of our future as an evolutionary process that brings us together. We focus on developing our regenerative and transformative capacities together. We become the country we wish to live in. This kind of transformation is called a Renaissance.

Renaissance periods are times of rebirth and renewal of self and society. It is a time when major transformations occur. The last major transformation happened in Europe after the Dark Ages. The next transformation — the Regenerative Renaissance — is now emerging globally. As a continent, Africa is uniquely positioned to leapfrog other countries. The continent did this with mobile telephony, bypassing fixed line networks. South Africa will lead the African Regenerative Renaissance.

This Renaissance starts with our Constitution of Abundance. A Constitution like this cannot be ratified within the Constitutional process. That’s because it’s a system designed for a class-based society. It simply cannot work. And so our strategy is to start with all the individuals for whom the current Constitution does not work. We build their trust. We build momentum. In time, the vast majority have adopted the Constitution of Abundance and it becomes the de facto supreme law of the land.

(The Constitution of Abundance is based on the SEEDS Constitution, which underwent a rigorous ratification process in 2020. As of August 2021, over 8,000 Seedizens globally have adopted the Constitution.)