Change is Easier
When We’re In It

Dec 2021

Dear Regenerator working on a better South Africa,

We know firsthand how difficult change can be. We’ve been there and we feel your pain.

It’s challenging because there is an evolutionary mismatch between what drives you and what drives the rest of the world. The old world is top-down conquest; the new one you’re working on is bottom-up collaboration.

The bad news is that you will be in the minority for some time to come….

The good news is that you are not alone.

There are hundreds if not thousands of initiatives in South Africa who recognise the need for local self-sufficiency as the globalist system collapses. They’re getting on with the work required, with or without funding.

They’re working on:

  • Regenerating land,
  • Building resilient communities,
  • Growing nutritious food for local consumption,
  • Acting on air, water and land pollution,
  • Developing local currencies and circular economies,
  • Developing alternatives to the broken healthcare, education, scientific and more models we have today.

Today we’re asking all regenerators in South Africa to make themselves visible on the Regenerate South Africa Map. We want to show right off that a strong local alternative economics movement already exists. When citizens and leaders (business and political) can see how much work has already been done it helps them envision a bright future for SA as a nation.

 We hope you’ll join us. There’s no cost and no commitment. You can remove yourself from the map at any time. To get the ball rolling, just add your group to the map.

Oh, and thank you for all that you do for our great nation. 🙏