Don’t demand.


  • Enough poverty.
  • Enough discrimination.
  • Enough broken promises.
  • Enough fear, uncertainty & doubt.
  • Enough broken democratic processes.
  • Enough of outside parties causing division.
  • Enough wondering what we can do.
  • Enough short term thinking.
  • Enough weak leadership.
  • Enough inaction.
  • Enough!

Enough protesting.

We’re coming together to act decisively, peacefully & powerfully as concerned individuals.

We’re done with demanding change.
We’re creating change.

It’s the hashtag for REAL change.

The symbol of a thriving country.
Eight letters; one evolving, unifying vision.

#EnoughZA is a living system, not owned or directed by any one group.
#EnoughZA is an entirely new way to achieve large-scale change.
#EnoughZA evolves, adapts and develops as it matures.
#EnoughZA is nonpolitical, nonracial, nonreligious.
#EnoughZA is for you; for everyone.
And it starts with a hashtag:

Get Involved!


Let’s together STOP the activities which we know are not working. We have strength in numbers, but only when we act strategically and collectively. When we come together, nothing can stop us.
If you know something is wrong but don’t know what to do, start here.


You have a world-changing solution that RESETS business as usual. It’s a no-brainer and yet you struggle to get funding. And traction. You struggle to achieve the impact you know the world needs.
If you could do with a boost, start here.


You have the ability to influence opinions and behaviours to GO at scale towards a future that works for everyone. You’re a business leader, a politician, a musician.
Read our invitation to use your influence for the good of future generations.